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The E-Book Has Finally Arrived

Posted on February 23, 2018 in Uncategorized

It doesn’t seem that long ago that I spent quiet much of my time browsing through libaries looking for books about the latest subject I was studying or novels for the pleasure of reading. With the arrival of the internet our lives were transformed. A revolution occurred in the way we did things. I stopped buying newspapers years ago because I could read the news on the net. This was better than the biased newspapers because I could go to different websites and read different perspectives on the latest stories. I could even get the foreign newspapers in English and read their take on whatever was in the news.

One of the most exciting innovations produced because of the internet was the E-book. Now for the first time we can get books via the web on any subject that interests us. Many E- books are written by authors who would not under the traditional methods of paper printing get published. These can be anything, books about passions people have from building train set layouts to in skydiving. Books on how to fit a central heating system written by a plumber who the traditional book world would not touch.

On top of these wonderful information books we also have all the old classics that are out of copy write which can be downloaded free. And there’s all those wonderful niche authors writing books that would not have got past the slush pile of a publishing house but which are good. The world of books has been transformed. Unfortunately there was one problem.

Books on every topic may be just a click away on your computer but the problem has always been how to read them. I have folders full of books on various topics sat there gathering electronic dust because I have no satisfactory way of reading them. Reading at your computer is OK for short periods. I’m happy to read short technical reports or small packages of information, but trying to read a full book on the computer has always been impossible for me.

Sitting at the computer screen cannot replace the comfort of lounging in a chair with a good book. I’ve tried to make myself more comfortable at the computer by adopting various positions like putting my feet on the desk and performing other yoga like poses. These always ended with me suffering days of back pain. Eventually I gave up trying to read books on the computer.

I tried laptops and even palm tops but they still couldn’t replace the good old paperback. I had I have to say given up on the idea of being able to read an E-book in comfort. Until Sony came out with the Sony reader. When I heard about it I was sceptical. I’d suffered too many disappointments in the past to raise any excitement.

However, with many E-books sitting on my hard drive I was curious about it. So I sought out all the reviews which, like reviews do, contradicted one another. Some reviewers loved it others wasn’t so sure. I didn’t know what to do. After examing all the information and researching the Sony reader for a few weeks I decided to take the plunge and buy one.

The books are not available in the UK yet so I bought one from the American EBay site. I was fretting for a week while it arrived wondering if I’d wasted my money on a product that talked a good game but wouldn’t play one. When it arrived I was immediately impressed by its size. About the same size as an average paperback but much thinner and lighter. Encased in a leather cover it felt comfortable to hold but the greatest feature is the screen.

Reading E-books in the past has been difficult because of the screen. Traditional computers use backlighting to light the screen. So when you are looking at the screen you are in effect staring at a light. After a while this becomes painful to the eyes. The Sony reader has overcome this problem by employing a technology known as “electronic paper”. This means the screen uses reflected light justlike normal paper and ink.

The result is a comfortable reading experience. Reading with the Sony reader is as good as reading a paperback. No more sitting at the screen to read those E-books, you can now lounge in the chair. You can even take it to the beach with you because the sun doesn’t effect it. The Sony Reader of wonderful features. I intend to do a full review of it shortly. At last, I can finally read All those E-books I have been collecting over the years. The E-book has finally arrived Sony Reader.