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Finding True Comfort And Luxury When Renting Condos

Posted on February 20, 2018 in Uncategorized

Condos make for the ideal place to call home when you are traveling, but if you really want to ensure that you pamper yourself, don’t settle for just the first available option. It is a good idea to invest your time in a bit of research. One of the problems is that some facilities may imply that they are a better choice and offer luxurious features, but they really are not that high-end. For those who want a great facility with tons of space and ample amenities, do spend the time checking out the details.

– Luxury Starts in the Suite

Start your search in the suite. Condos should offer modern appliances and furniture. They should offer luxurious linens, which should indicate high quality. You should be able to count on a fully stocked kitchen with everything you may need, besides the food and wine. You also want to look at the condition of the facility. Stained furniture and carpeting are not appealing. Another way to tell the true quality of the suite is to consider the bathroom. Modern fixtures, granite and ample lighting provide a more formal and elegant space.

– The Building

If you are visiting a condo by the beach in a popular tourist area, chances are good you will be in a large building with shared amenities. This may include pools, hot tubs and exercise facilities. The first question to ask is what types of amenities are available to you. Then, determine the condition and quality of those areas. For example, some misleading property managers may say that a hot tub is available, but these may just be small poolside areas open to the public with warmed water. That is not really the luxurious hot tub experience you may be looking for in a high-end establishment.

– Location Is Everything

Another way to spot a non-luxurious location is to watch the wording in descriptions of the location. Here are a few tips to watch for in this process.

– Water views do not mean you have a waterfront condo.

– Beach access may mean that the facility is across the street from an access point.

– Beachfront implies that the facility is on the beach, but may not be accessible to the ocean or water directly.

In short, you need to learn what the lingo really means before assuming you can count on these things. Facilities with ample space, security, and parking areas are the ones to look for. You also want to ensure that you are booking in an exclusive building for the best results. Picking condos that can truly provide a luxury experience can be more challenging than you think. However, if you invest enough time into learning what the location really has to offer, you can feel more comfortable booking your stay.

Finding Comfort After Losing Your Beloved Pet – A Review of Saying Goodbye to Your Angel Animals

Posted on February 19, 2018 in Uncategorized

It’s a subject that NO pet lover wants to even think about, but one that we have all faced before, and one that (unfortunately) we will all face again. It’s Saying Goodbye to our beloved pets.

Allen and Linda Anderson, authors of Angel Dogs and Angel Animals, have written a powerful and emotionally charged book, Saying Goodbye to Your Angel Animals that’s full of great advice. Ironically, the book was sent to me to review for one of my blogs two days after my then 19 year old cat, Prissy, had a particularly bad stroke. She was still in really bad shape when I opened the package to reveal the particular title. While she pulled through the stroke and even celebrated her 20th birthday two months ago (!!!), at the time there was so much emotion running through my body that I threw the book in one of the bottom drawers of a dresser never used. It not only got the bottom drawer treatment – it got the bottom drawer treatment in a dresser I never think twice about!

I wanted the thought, and mere suggestion, that I could possibly one day have to say goodbye to this beautiful and sweet cat as far away from me as possible. Out of respect to the authors and publisher, I could not bring myself to throw it away – which is, of course what I wanted to do.

After Prissy healed – remarkably, at that – I rescued the book from its prison and decided to read it. I wanted to be able to share its wisdom and advice with people who were currently going through the hell I was so desperate to delay.

Saying Goodbye to Your Angel Animals is a perfect little book, with a cover so beautiful and peaceful that you find yourself staring at the scene. This book is all about finding comfort after losing your beloved pet.. I have had varying combinations of cats, dogs, rabbits, and hamsters since I was 3. The only constant has been cats. I have always, always had at least one precious cat. Currently I have three and they make my world a much sweeter place with their presence. Since I have always been surrounded by animals, I have had my experience with the sick feeling that comes from losing one.

Most pet lovers understand what you are going through when this happens, but there are some people who, while you are grieving (and yes, it is grieving) look at you as if to say, “So, get another one.” While they, honestly, do not mean to be insensitive, it does hurt for someone not to understand your pain.

That is one of the things I love most about Saying Goodbye to Your Angel Animals. The authors completely understand the pain – completely and totally. Their words are as comforting as a hug and their advice is right on the money. I wish I had this book during my previous pet losses, it would have been so comforting to have felt that hug!

This book offers comfort for those who have lost a pet to death as well as to those who have lost a runaway or “disappearing” pet. I know, from experience, that in a lot of ways, the second category is even worse. When you just do not know – the pain is excruciating – and you find yourself, helplessly, watching for days that turn into weeks and even weeks that turn into months.

Did I mention I have been there?!?!

Because of my ancient little Prissy, I have to admit that I read this book with tears running down my face. I did, however, find great comfort in knowing that others have walked the path I’m currently on as well as the one that is ahead, that I still cannot bring myself to think of. This is a very helpful and important book for every pet lover to have, especially if they are no longer able to avoid this path.


Would You Like to Read a Book on Your Cell Phone?

Posted on February 18, 2018 in Uncategorized

The cell phone/smart phone that we carry is slowly evolving into an all purpose device. Besides being a phone it is a camera, it is my walkman/iPod, FM radio and so on. It lets me read and send email as well as text messages. So on and so forth! It plays video clips for me. I may soon be able to see TV broadcasts as well as videocasts via the internet and so on.

It’s a short jump to let you read a book through the same too! Did you hear about Kindle promoted by Amazon? It is into its second generation already. It is a book sized device that gives you the feel of holding a book in your hands. Page turning is done electronically of course. But otherwise the display has a look and feel of a black printed white page. Books can be downloaded very easily over the wireless. It can carry several books and in exchange for subscription/prices you can get to read even recent books.

Google has now launched a service beginning of Feb that lets you download books and read them on your mobile device. The library is of 1.5 million books that Google has in its collection suitable for mobile viewing. Being in a completely electronic format these books can be searched easily and bookmarked easily. Right now, only iPhone and Android phone owners can take advantage of this service. It’s not difficult to see that this would become more widespread soon.

The screen is so small on these mobile devices that reading on it is not going to be very a comfortable experience. I do not know if I would want to do that. Except for a little novelty value that makes me curious, I cannot see myself reading a book on it. Reading a text message, an email is about enough for me. Will it ever become a medium for reading a book? The portability and the comfort of the damn device are undeniable. Display size is increasing, pushed by the demand to view video comfortably.

There is a limit to what size the display can become. Beyond a size it would start losing the portability advantage. On the other hand, we are so used to the 10 or 12 point size text in a display area like at least a paperback. Kindle seems to have taken that approach. There are other readers in the market that are following that approach. Even with that approach the question of how comfortable you are reading an electronic display is an issue. That might go away as more and more people comfortable reading stuff off of an electronic display is growing.

But from a mobile device screen! Google has bet big on it. Will a large section of people read from these devices? Only future would tell, I guess.