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Holy Book And Prayers

Posted on June 22, 2018 in Uncategorized

Everyone encounters difficulties in life. No one is spared, but these problems are tests which should be overcome. Prayers are the means man usually uses to give himself and others hope in life.

Prayers must emerge from the heart and should be righteous to be effective. Man should not pray for something that is harmful to others. Such prayers will not be answered. It is the sincerity and simplicity of the heart that God wants, not fanfare, festoons, or a heap of flowers or other offerings.

If a man faces a difficulty, he should not lose heart, but concentrate on God. He should shut out his thoughts, and pray, requesting God to show him a way out. If the prayer rises from the bottom of his heart and his words are sincere, truthful and just, then God will answer his prayers.

A holy book is a great source of comfort during troubled times. When you are very disturbed, try to close your eyes, think of God, request for a solution to you problems and open a holy book which you read often and select a random passage or line. If your prayer was sincere and heartfelt, then the particular line or passage will contain answers or words of comfort, which will give extreme solace to your mind.

God’s ways are great. His grace is above par. But man should be ready to receive the showers of his love which is more than the love of a thousand mothers. Man’s heart should not be like the pot with lots of holes which cannot hold water. The holes like jealousy, greed, lust, vice, anger, and ego should be closed to receive God’s grace completely and retain it to enjoy a life of contentment.

Reading holy books every day for a few minutes will remind man constantly of his own divine connection with God and will urge him to gradually understand that the material world is not eternal. Holy books not only teach us about God’s ways and rules, but they are a great comfort during troubled times.