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After Death Communication – An Esoteric Dimension of Inner Comfort

Posted on March 23, 2018 in Uncategorized

The conventional neurology that keeps the majority of people under its thumb does not encourage the people to explore what lies beyond the ending of life – an uneasy region they would like to avoid. This is partly because they get some comfort from their religious beliefs and would like to keep it that way. Exploring into the unknown may go against those beliefs and take away even the little comfort they derive from them. This is understandable but is not a wise path to take because beliefs are given to us by others and are not born out of our own perceptions. As a result, using beliefs as a shield against fear is like pushing the fear under the carpet. Obviously, that is not an intelligent way to handle the situation. Those who wish to boldly explore into the unknown have the opportunity to discover what lies beyond the apparent and hence can derive mental comfort from their own perceptions of truth – a comfort not based on conditioning but on first-hand discoveries through intuitive sensing.

The atheists and agnostics too obstruct themselves from moving into the unknown because of their unconscious over-emphasis of the rational mind and its reliance on the five-sense report. What is needed is the openness to let the wonderment guide them into an unbiased exploration of the dimension beyond the earthly life. If they would do this, they will soon see the inherent beauty of the human intuition and its power based on a non-verbal contact with the actuality.

For the people who wish to go beyond mere belief or disbelief, the paranormal phenomena offer a fertile field for investigation. Amongst such phenomena, the After Death Communication (ADC) is a good one. When we combine this with the Near Death Experience (NDE) and the Out-of-Body Experience (OBE), we are able to look at the ending of life from different angles and so get a glimpse of the truth about the afterlife.

Consciousness continues in some form after the bodily death. This cannot be proved in the same way as scientific things can be established, for the simple reason that science is completely within the five-sense realm while the afterlife consciousness is clearly outside that realm. The truth of such consciousness can be understood only through an earnest investigation well supported by intuition and not merely by ratiocination. Phenomenal patience and the deep eagerness to understand are essential.

There has been a lot of work done in ADC and some books written on it. A good example is the book Messages by Bonnie McEneaney. That book describes ADCs associated with premonitions, signs and visits from loved ones lost on 9/11. It is a book about hope and loving connections that go well beyond the boundaries between life and death. Bonnie herself had ADCs from her husband lost in 9/11. She endeavored to collect similar episodes from other sufferers like her from that event. She says that those ADCs gave her the firm feeling that the spirit never really dies and that our spiritual connection with those that we love is never lost. Most of the people who are certain they have known ADCs say those experiences have given them comfort and peace.

It may be surprising but it has been found that the percentage of widows experiencing an ADC is as high as 70 to 80 percent. (See newsletter Vital Signs of, vol. 31, no. 3). An article by Nancy Clark in that newsletter says the kind of ADC that happened to her within a month after her husband passed away is usually defined as synchronicity. This is the amazing way in which the person concerned receives a communication from the deceased person by an occurrence that cannot be explained away as coincidence. Its spiritual content can be known only by a firsthand experience of ADC. The skeptics may have to wait until they have an ADC!

When we learn about ADCs and blend the related perceptions with those that we derive from our exposure to NDEs and OBEs, we let insights flow into us in their own way. They help us face life and the afterlife with intelligence and wisdom. Inner peace radiates from us on to our near and dear ones and helps them too to move on to higher levels of living.

Sustained association with the paranormal phenomena can help people get a glimpse of the dimension beyond the known. That clarity lays a stable foundation for mental peace, which in turn augments a well-ordered and useful life. There will be no attempt to use God to one’s egoistic ends. The maturation process cannot take place through slavery to a belief system because such slavery does not encourage self-knowing and the wonderment about the ‘otherness’; fear is shielded against by attachment to preferred conclusions rather than moving on to freedom by discovering the source of fear. The freedom that ensues from the intuitive understanding of hidden truths not only subdues the fear but also dissolves the breeding ground for loneliness, regret, anger, jealousy etc. As a natural consequence, unqualified compassion begins to flow towards everyone like a primordial fountain.

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